Pink Mandala

Pink Mandala round mat by @myjunglemat

Lotus pose in February 28th 2020. My first choice for meditation in seatedpose is Lotuspose or Padmasana. This makes me feel very grounded, and sukhasana or easy pose is a good substitute if l
Spring Keep It Clean day 1
Dolphin pose in February 27th 2020. My best advice for cutting down on plastic is to use it smarter. Plastic bottles and bags are not single-use plastics. A regular plastic bag can be used ten
Leap Of Faith Yogis day 3
Split in February 28th 2020. Eat or be eaten is the law of nature. We can't blame a predator doing what it has to do survive. But as a sentient species, we have the ability to avoid causing ne
Leap Of Faith Yogis day 4

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