Snakeskin Vapor Legging

High-Waist Snakeskin Vapor Legging bone

Chaturanga in October 1st 2019. Yay, I'm in here! I go for my favorite pose in the plank family, the Chaturanga Dandasana. One regular, and two with raised leg.
New Moon Asanas day 6
Flying Crow Pose
Alove of Cherry Blossoms day 7
Standing forward fold in August 2nd 2018. Catching up with an Uttanasana or Standingforwardfold.
Prayer Hands in August 14th 2017. I jump in and start with my favorite  Prayer Hands or  Anjalimudra variation. Exposure time is 0.3 seconds. I do also bring a natarajasana with four seconds o
Sensous Yogis day 1
Tiger pose in November 12th 2019. My choice is Tiger pose (is the full hashtag still banned?) or Eka hasta vyaghrasana with strap support for flipping the grip.
A Lot Of Good Luck day 6
Happy Baby Pose in February 8th 2018. A little recap of the past days for everyone who is catching up, because best results are achieved if you repeat last days exercises. Day 1 = warmup, day
A Lot Of Good Luck day 8
Side plank lotus in August 19th 2018.
Spring Spirit Yogis day 2
Rebel in Yogi Love day 1
Skandasana in June 25th 2018. I bring a  Sidelunge or  Skandasana as hipopener choice today. A great preparation pose for middle splits.
Rebel in Yogi Love day 5
Forearm stand in September 29th 2019. Thank you all hosts and sponsors for this amazing challenge! My choice for last day is Pincha Mayurasana or Forearm stand in the sunshine. This month have
ALO Fun On Arms 2 day 9
Knee to elbow in plank in November 7th 2018. Kumbhakasana or  Kneetoelbowinplank is commonly used as transitional pose in flows and also when forming regular lizards, flying lizards and epk2 w
ALO Fun On Arms 2 day 1
Headstand in July 14th 2020. I'm catching up with two types of headstands, the Salamba Sirsasana A and Tripod headstand, also known as mukta hasta sirsasana a.
Blindfolded Yoga feel day 3
Wide legged forward fold in March 22nd 2019. Yay for a third season! I bring  Wideleggedforwardfold or  Prasarita Padottanasana D, just like in previous seasons, and bring my previous entries.
A Yogis Dream day 1
Bow Pose in December 13th 2018. I go for both strength and flexibility today and bring a  Bow Pose or  Dhanurasana as well as a  Boatpose or  Navasana for  Abs. These poses targets the  Manipu
A Yogis Dream day 2
Half Moon Pose in November 11th 2019. I love moon yoga, so my choice for balance pose is the moon themed Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon Pose. I'm going to celebrate the full moon tomorrow with
Preparing New Moon Year day 5
Handstand in August 6th 2018. I warmed up with spacular pushups, faux handstands facing the wall with leg raises and then kicking up against the wall and hold for a while.  Adho Mukha Vrksasan
Alobout new goals day 9
Grasshopper pose in May 10th 2020. Eating grasshoppers makes you strong :) Grasshopper pose or Parsva Bhuja Dandasana is a challenging pose that puts upper body and quad strength to a test, as
Alobout new goals day 6
Boatpose in November 12th 2019. Happy Beaver Moon! My choice for seatedpose is Navasana or Boat pose.
30 days of core day 16
Shoulderstand in November 10th 2020. Two firecracker a day keeps Covid away 🎆🎇
Alo Fire Crackers day 2

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