Snowga outfit

Snowga outfit by @try2smart

Tree pose in December 27th 2020. I feel for having arms out in today's Vrksasana or Tree pose
Spring Succulent Asanas day 1
Lotus pose in February 21st 2018. I bring a  Lotuspose with  Garudasana arms, a yogi upgrade to the powersitting technique used in attachmenttherapy.
Rise Up Vibes Yogis day 2
Corpse pose in June 10th 2018. Something is waking...
Rise Up Vibes Yogis day 1
Rabbit pose in February 24th 2019. I bring a  Sasankasana or  Rabbitpose in  Teide National Park,  Tenerife. I haven't practiced this before, and I think it's an interesting alternative to chi
A Lot Of Good Luck day 2
Alobout Pie day 4
SnM International Womxn day 4
Open Hips And Happy Hearts day 3
ALO Fun On Arms 2 day 10
Ubhaya Padangusthasana in January 29th 2021. Tonight is Upavistha Konasana B. I don't know the difference between this and Ubhaya Padangusthasana or Both Big Toe Pose. But I know Upavistha Kon
30 days of core day 29

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