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Iron Cross Headstand in October 16th 2020. Welcome to day 2 of our challenge! Today is star pose and I bring six rotations of the traditional one. Unlike most poses, most possible rotations ar
Rotational Asanas 2 day 2
Goddess pose in October 19th 2020. Welcome to the new week! Today is Goddess pose or Utkata Konasana, which allows rotations in both the pitch and the roll axes. You want open hips to get the
Rotational Asanas 2 day 5
Urdhva Dandasana in September 3rd 2020. I did pretty recently learn that Sirsasana with pike legs is not just a leg variation, it's a pose on its own, designated Urdhva Dandasana or Upward Fac
Fly And Invert Into Fall day 4
Savasana in September 3rd 2020. One of my favorite poses for Meditation is Savasana or Corpse pose. I use to do a body scan meditation, paying attention to and trying to relax part by part, al
ALO Balance Love day 10
Chin stand in August 23rd 2020. It's been an amazing journey with you all, thanks so much for joining. And thanks a lot to my amazing co hosts and sponsors.
Yogis Dream of Vacation day 7
Lolasana in August 9th 2020. Thanks a lot all hosts and sponsors for this challenge ❤️
Strong Or Flexible day 7
Handstand in August 8th 2020. My choice today is Handstand. You need both strength and flexibility for this, and lots of balance and spatial awareness. Easiest way to test that you have the st
Strong Or Flexible day 6

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